Water bill will be zero with one time settlement scheme

Water bill will be zero with one time settlement scheme

Delhi Water Bill Waiver Scheme: – Delhi government is launching a new scheme to correct incorrect water bills. For which Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal People of Delhi While giving the big news, he said that many people are getting higher water meter bills, many people are not getting meter readings, meter readers have given wrong readings or wrong bills have gone to people. Bills of all such people will be fixed. Delhi water bill waiver scheme is being started for this. which One Time Settlement Scheme A name has also been given. More than 11 lakh consumers will be benefited through the Delhi Water Bill Waiver Scheme. If you are also a citizen of Delhi and want to take advantage of One Time Settlement Scheme, then you need to read this article in detail till the end. Because today we are going to tell you through this article Delhi Water Bill Waiver Scheme Will give complete information regarding.

Delhi Water Bill Waiver Scheme 2023

Delhi Water Bill Waiver Scheme 2023

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has announced a one-time settlement scheme on June 13, 2023 to correct wrongful water bills. Under the Delhi Water Bill Waiver Scheme, the bills of all those whose bills have any mistake or wrong meter reading will be rectified. This scheme will start from 1st August 2023. Which will be implemented for 3 months. About 11.7 lakh customers in Delhi will get the benefit of this scheme through one time settlement scheme. This will include the customers who use 20 thousand liters of free water and after the bill is fixed, the bills of about 7 lakh customers will be zero. Customers will not be able to go to the office of the board for this. Several steps will be taken by the government to end the cycle of meter reading.

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Delhi Water Bill Waiver Scheme Information about

Name of the scheme Delhi Water Bill Waiver Scheme
was started Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal
Launch of the scheme From 1st August 2023
will be implemented for 3 months
Beneficiary Citizens of Delhi
Objective Correcting incorrect water bills
State Delhi
year 2023

Under One Time Settlement Scheme 11.7 lakh consumers in Delhi will get relief

Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has said that the water bills of the people of Delhi have become more incorrect. Because people could not get meter reading during Corona. Due to this, many meter readers have entered wrong meter readings and many have received wrong bills. And said that there are about 27 lakh water consumers in Delhi who are household meters. Out of them, about 11.7 lakh customers have arrears attached to their bills. These people are not paying the bills for one reason or another. They are worried about these water bills.

CM Kejriwal said that there is arrears of water bill of Rs 5637 crore, for which people are going round MLAs and Jal Board. And because of all these reasons the bill continues to rise. It was not possible to repair all these hearts, hence a one time settlement scheme was introduced. If the customer pays the bill within 3 months as per the new bill, he can avail this scheme. Otherwise, after 3 months the customer will have to pay the bill as per the old bill.

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arrears Bill La Two category in distributed gone

To benefit people under the Delhi Water Bill Waiver Scheme, the outstanding bills are divided into two categories.

  1. First category

People who have two or more meter readings are correct. And the meter reader went to the customer’s house and took the actual reading and the customer is satisfied. Average of both consumers with 2 meter readings will be taken. If there are more than two readings, the average of the middle reading will be taken. But if his next reading is more than double, then the reading will be considered wrong. After this, the customer would not have paid the bill for any number of months. The average bill will be added to their monthly bill and a new bill will be sent accordingly.

  • Second category

In the second category, those whose reading is not average. So their neighbor’s bill will be seen because in the area where the customer lives and his house is 300, 200 or 100 yards, the meter reading of all the houses of the same size in that area will be the average. is calculated accordingly. Bill will be paid.

water of product La 1300 MGD As far as take it go is

Chief Minister Kejriwal said that when we came into government, 850 MGD of water was produced in Delhi. Which we have reached to 1000. The government aims to take it up to around 1300 MGD. A big plan is being implemented for that. Where natural recharge takes place. This will eliminate water shortage. Especially the flat plains of Yamuna, where tubewells are being installed on a large scale for water supply. The water that comes to ST after treatment at the camp is now being released into the Yamuna. Now the purified water from these 35 plants will be pumped into artificial lakes. When the water level rises too much, the water will be dug out from tube wells and purified with RO and supplied. In this way there will be no need for small boreholes and in one and a half years there will be no shortage of water in Delhi.

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Eligibility for Delhi Water Bill Waiver Scheme

  • To avail the benefit of Delhi Water Bill Waiver Scheme, the candidate must be a native of Delhi.
  • To benefit from this scheme, the candidate will have to pay the water bill within 3 months as per the new bill.

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